Muenster Public Library



I. Introduction

 This manual contains all of the policies applicable to the Bettie M. Luke Muenster Public Library.  Policies are written, amended and approved by The Friends of the Muenster Public Library Board Members to provide rules and guidelines under which the library operates. The Board affirms the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read, and Freedom to View (See Appendices). In addition, the library has operating procedures for which the Director of the Library is responsible.  Care has been taken to ensure that the policies define the rules without interfering with the operational processes which are the responsibility of the Director.

The library will operate within the framework of policies adopted by the The Friends of the Muenster Public Library Board Members.  Further, the library is authorized to develop such rules and procedures as may be necessary to carry out these responsibilities.

 Each section of the policy will be reviewed biannually and revised when needed.  

 II.    Governance/Library Board Operations

 A.    City/County Organizational Chart

    1.The Library contracts with the City of Muenster for building maintenance,     and operating funds annually

    2.The Library requests funding from the Cooke County Commissioners’     Court annually

B. Library Organizational Chart

    1.The Friends of the Muenster Public Library Board is the governing entity     to which the Library Director reports.

    2.All other employees and volunteers report to the Library Director under     the direction of the Board.

C.    Friends of the Muenster Public Library Bylaws