Muenster Public Library



A.    Policy Statement

These objectives of these policies are to facilitate efficient service to the public and provide a system that deals with all employees of the various departments of the library in an equitable and uniform manner. The intent of these policies is to recognize that the library shall employ the most suitably qualified persons available; that tenure of every employee shall depend upon the need for the work performed, availability of funds, effective performance, good conduct, and continuing fitness for his or her position.

The Bettie M. Luke Muenster Public Library is committed to creating and maintaining a workforce that gives open expression to the library’s organizational values and brings a rich diversity of people and talents to the accomplishment of the library’s mission.

Further, the library is committed to providing a workplace environment free of discrimination.  The library shall administer its employment programs so that access, selection, and advancement opportunities are made available to applicants and employees based on their knowledge, skills and abilities without regard to race, color, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, political ideology, age, creed, veteran’s status, religion, ancestry, national origin or the presence of any sensory, physical or mental disability.

This policy extends to all areas of employment and to all other personnel actions. These include recruitment, selection and placement, compensation, promotion and transfer, tuition     assistance, social and recreational programs, disciplinary and corrective action measures, demotions, termination, layoffs, training, working conditions, awards and benefits, and all other terms and conditions of employment.

These policies shall not supersede any Federal or State of Texas Statute.  All references to employees in this policy shall designate both sexes and, when ever the male or female gender is used, it shall be construed to include both male and female employees.

B.    Sexual Harassment

Harassment is a prohibited form of discrimination under state and federal law.  Sexual harassment, either verbal or physical, is an unlawful employment practice and will not be tolerated, condoned, or allowed by the Bettie M. Luke Muenster Public Library. The library accepts and adheres to all definitions and procedures outlined in the law as regards to sexual harassment.

Any employee who engages in sexual harassment will be subject to disciplinary action and the possibility of dismissal. Individuals covered under this policy include employees and applicants for employment; volunteers; members of the public; vendors, trades people, and others conducting business with the library; and elected and appointed officials.

Specifically prohibited under this policy are:

  1. Verbal or physical conduct that creates a hostile, intimidating, or offensive working environment or interferes with an employee’s ability to perform his/her job;
  2.  Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct that create a hostile, intimidating, or offensive working environment or interfere with an employee’s ability to perform his/her job;
  3. Offensive or derogatory comments made to any person, either directly or indirectly, based on color, race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin.

C.    Management Policy

 The Friends of the Muenster Public Library Board Members shall have all management rights, authorities, and responsibilities:

  1. The library board shall select, appoint, and when necessary for valid reasons, dismiss the director of the library. The Director will serve as the chief administrative and executive officer acting on the behalf of the Board and under its review and direction.
  2. The Director of the Library shall be a graduate of an American Library Association program.
  3. The Director shall carry out the policies adopted by the Board and be responsible for the procedures established to enforce the policies for the operation of the Library. Duties and responsibilities shall be:
  • a.    Selection of library materials;
  • b.    Determining the most cost-effective manner for purchase of library materials, equipment, and supplies.  Ensure that all purchases are in accordance with city/county/state provisions.
  • c.    Maintenance and operation of the physical plant in conjunction with the City of Muenster.
  • d.    Recruitment, training, assignments, and dismissal of library staff in accordance with the Library’s Personnel Rules and Regulations.
  • e.    Informing the Board regarding the finances, public services, physical plant, personnel, collection, and other developments, changes, and problems of the Library through monthly reports.
  • f.    Submitting to the Board a copy of the Library Statistics as required by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission at the April meeting;
  • g.    Representing the Library at NETLS, Regional, State and National meetings and conventions, whenever possible, and as approved by the Board with expenses to be paid from the budget.  Expenses include mileage, registration, lodging and meals.
  • h.    Assisting the Board in preparing the annual budget;
  • i.    Making recommendations to the Board for action which will improve the Library’s effectiveness and visibility in the community.
  • j.    Attending all meetings of the Board except those where the competency of the Director and the Director’s salary are to be discussed.
4. The person appointed as library director shall be charged with the sole administration of the library.
  • a.    The board, with the concurrence of the library director, shall establish all other positions and all wage and benefit levels for all library staff.
  • b.    The library board shall provide an effective orientation for new directors to assure that the director understands policies and procedures related to the daily operation of the library, including:
  • i.    reporting and budgetary requirements that assure accountability and compliance with the law;
  • ii.    the expectations of the board in regard to administrative processes and protocol, particularly as they relate to conducting effective and efficient board meetings;
  • iii.    rules and requirements for state certification and any assistance which is provided by the library to acquire and maintain appropriate certification.

D.    Salaries

A classification and salary plan will be managed by the library board.  The plan is subject to annual review and revision so that it will remain equitable and competitive.

E.    Social security (OASI)

Social security coverage is supplied to each library employee.  Federal law determines the percentage of OASI based on gross salary.  The library and the employee share equally the cost.

F.    Personal Leave

In recognition of the need for paid time off for rest and recreation, illness, injury, childcare, personal business and other approved absence from work on a paid leave status, the following plan is established for all employees of the library.

    1.    Leave of Absence

Leave of absence without pay may be granted to library employees for  maternity, adoption, illness, travel, or graduate or certification training.  All     leaves are considered on a case-by case basis and must be approved by the director. In some instances it may be necessary to deny requests as leave may be granted only if the best interests of the library can be maintained.    A leave for the director must be approved by the library board.

    2.    Bereavement Leave

Library employees are eligible for three (3) days bereavement leave  without loss of pay or sick leave credit in the event of the death in the immediate family, defined as spouse, children, brother, sister, or parents  of either the employee or the employee’s spouse.

    3.    Military leave

Library employees who are enrolled in any component of the Armed  Forces shall be allowed a military leave of absence.  A copy of the orders shall accompany all requests for military leave.

    4.    Jury Duty

 In the event an employee is called for jury duty, the library will release  them and assure no loss of wages.

G.    Meetings, Conventions and Workshops

The director, staff and trustees attending continuing education opportunities shall be allowed expenses at the discretion of the board according to the amount appropriated in the budget.  The director, staff and trustees are encouraged to attend and participate in continuing education opportunities.

H.    Disciplinary Action

An employee of the library may be dismissed for any action or behavior that causes the library’s image or operation to be diminished.  This includes but is not limited to incompetence, misconduct, inattention to assigned duties, or unapproved absences from work.

Normal termination would be a final step which would follow:

1.    a substandard performance appraisal

2.    verbal and/or written warnings

3.    suspension, and/or

4.    extended probation.

Clear and complete records must be maintained for all disciplinary processes for the protection of the employee and the library.  The library reserves the right to dismiss an employee without notice in cases involving theft, drug or alcohol abuse, criminal activity, or instances of violence or other misconduct.

I.    Drug-free workplace

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited while performing work at the library, whether that work is performed in the workplace building or not.  All employees shall abide by the terms of this policy and shall notify the library director within five (5) days of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the library.

J.    Resignation and Retirement

An employee wishing to resign or retire must notify the Board a minimum of two weeks before the resignation/retirement. The employee must submit a written resignation/retirement statement giving the exact date that employment is to be terminated

K.    Paid Holidays

The Bettie M. Luke Muenster Public Library observes the holiday schedule as cited in III B above.  All full time employees will be paid for these days.

XI.    Support Groups  

A. Volunteers


The talents, energy, and personal resources of volunteers are a welcome and vital part of the library’s success in achieving its mission of service to the community.  In turn, the library is committed to facilitating the volunteer’s library service as a rewarding community experience for those participating in the program.

Role of Volunteers

  • The roles of volunteers at the Bettie M. Luke Muenster Public Library are:
  • To expand and enhance the efforts of the library staff in proving the highest quality patron service;
  • To serve as a means for residents of the City of Muenster community to become familiar with and promote the library;
  • To provide an opportunity for residents to  make positive contributions to their community.

Definition of Volunteer

  • A volunteer is defined as a person who gives his/her time and service out of personal interest in the library without any expressed or implied promise of remuneration.  

Requirements and expectations

  1.  Volunteers must be at least fourteen (14) years of age; volunteers younger than 14 years of age may volunteer if approved by the library director and board.  Parental consent is required if the volunteer is under eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. Volunteers 17 years of age and older must sign the Background Release Form
  3. All volunteers must fill out the Muenster Public Library Emergency Contact Sheet, and be approved by the Board for service.
  4. All volunteers will work under the direct supervision of the library director, and will have a probationary period of 90 days.
  5. Assignments of volunteers will be based upon assessed skill, interests, and experiences of each volunteer with every effort made to provide suitable tasks.
  6. Before a volunteer begins work, s/he will receive an orientation to the library; be trained to perform their specific duties; supervised and evaluated on a continual basis.
  7.  Volunteers will abide by the applicable policies and procedures of the Bettie M. Luke Muenster Public Library, in particular, Personnel and Sexual Harassment Policies during the time of volunteering within the library and at library events elsewhere.
  8.  Of special importance is the observance of the Library Bill of Rights (see Appendices) adopted by The Friends of the Muenster Public Library Board Members.  According to the Library Bill of Rights, the library must protect the confidentiality of each library patron. Patron information is confidential and volunteers will not discuss or share such information with others.  Volunteers may also be in a position to observe patron’s reading and listening choices; these are not to be shared with anyone.
  9.  The Library Bill of Rights assures equal access and the freedom to read and inquire of each patron regardless of age, race, and nation of origin, background or views.  Volunteers may not express their religious, political, social or other personal views to patrons, nor may they endeavor to restrict patrons from using or borrowing materials that are contrary to their own views. Violation of these policies is reason to discontinue a volunteer’s service.
  10. Volunteers are required to perform their duties in appropriate professional manner as they will be perceived by patrons as representatives/staff of the library. A friendly, pleasant and courteous manner is essential. As part of a team effort, volunteers should take pride in their work, share ideas and concerns, and speak positively about the library at every opportunity.
  11. Volunteers who make a commitment to assist the library should perform their duties to the best of their abilities, to work at their regular time, and complete their assignment. The Library Director will assist volunteers in dealing with any performance or attendance issues that may occur.
  12. The record of volunteer hours is an important statistic to the library, often being cited in grant applications, budget preparation, and as a part of the Annual Report to the Texas State Library. Accurate records of  their hours will be kept by the Library Director.
  13. Neither Cooke County and Montague County nor the library will provide any medical, health, accident or worker’s compensation benefits to any volunteer.  Volunteers will not be eligible to receive any worker’s compensation benefits for any injuries sustained while functioning as a volunteer.
  14.  Special consideration will be given to volunteers completing a program through school, church or civic organizations.  
  15. The Bettie M. Luke Muenster Public Library does not accept community service workers from the courts who are attempting to have fines/obligations discharged.