Muenster Public Library

Library Policies

Table of contents of policy manual
I.    Introduction
II.    Governance/Library Board Operations                   
    A.    City/County Organizational Chart
    B.    Library Organizational Chart
    C.    Friends of the Muenster Public Library Bylaws

III.    Building, Facilities and Grounds
    A.    Hours of Operation
    B.    Holidays
    C.    Inclement Weather and Other Closings
    D.    Display Issues
        1.    Bulletin Boards
        2.    Exhibits
        3.    Brochures and Pamphlets
    E.    Solicitation   
    F.    ADA Guidelines
    G.    Use of Meeting Room
        1.    Availability
        2.    Applications
        3.    Rules for Use
        4.    Refreshments
        5.    Liability
    H.    Emergencies and Disasters
        1.    Accident
        2.    Bomb Threat, Fire, and Toxic Fumes
        3.    Evacuations
        4.    Death or Severe Medical Problem
        5.    Drug and Psychiatric
        6.    Fire
        7.    Severe Weather

IV.    Circulation Policy
    A.    Library Cards
        1.    Eligibility
        2.    Application
        3.    TexShare Card
    B.    Patron Confidentiality
    C.    Privacy/Confidentiality of Records
    D.    Loan Policies
        1.    Overdue Fines
        2.    Loan Periods
        3.    Renewals
        4.    Circulation Limits
        5.    Forgotten Cards
        6.    Special Loans
    E.    Overdue Materials
        1.    Notices
        2.    Lost Materials
    F.    Special Services
        1.    Reserves
        2.    Interlibrary Loans
    G.    Fees, Charges and Fines
        1.    Overdue
        2.    Replacement-damaged
        3.    Replacement-lost
        4.    Photocopy, Printing, Scanning
        5.    Lost Library Card

V.    Patron Services
    A.    Patron Services Statement
    B.    Xeroxing, Printing, and Scanning
    C.    Proctoring Exams
    D.    Violations of Patron Services Policies
    E.    Patron Communications
    F.    Responsibility and Authority

VI.    Group Services
    A.    Programs in the Library
        1.    Performers Policy
        2.    Public Performance License
    B.    Co-sponsored Programs in the Library
    C.    Tours of the Library
    D.    Special Services

VII.    Information Services
    A.    Reference Services
    B.    Recording Statistics
    C.    TexShare Databases

VIII.    Computer Policy
    A.    Eligibility
    B.    Conditions of Use
    C.    Staff Responsibilities
    D.    Internet Policy
    E.    Conditions of Use for Internet

IX.    Procedures for Public Use of Computers
    A.    Schedule of Use
    B.    Supplies and Library Resources
    C.    Internet Procedures
X.    Personnel
    A.    Policy Statement
    B.    Sexual  Harassment
    C.    Management Policy
    D.    Salaries
    E.    Social Security
    F.    Personal Leave
        1.    Leave of Absence
        2.    Bereavement Leave
        3.    Military Leave
        4.    Jury Duty
    G.    Meetings, Conventions, Workshops
    H.    Disciplinary Action
    I.    Drug-free Workplace
    J.    Resignation and Retirement
    K.    Paid Holidays

XI.    Support Groups
    A.    Volunteers
    B.    Coordination of Volunteers
    C.    Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

XII.    Collection Development Policy
    A.    Responsibility
    B.    Principles of Selection
    C.    Citizen Input
        1.    Requests
        2.    Requests for Reconsideration
        3.    Gifts
    D.    Collection Maintenance
        1.    Guidelines
        2.    Local History
        3.    State Minimums

XIII.    Library Behavior Guidelines
    A.    Patron Code of Conduct
    B.    Unattended Children Policy

XIV.    Appendix
    A.    Library Bill of Rights
    B.    Freedom to View
    C.    Freedom to Read
    D.    Exhibit Spaces and Bulletin Boards
    E.    The USA Patriot Act in the Library
    F.    Free Access to Libraries for Minors-Interpretation of Library
        Bill of Rights
    G.    Guidelines to the Development of Policies and Procedures for User Behavior